We’re changing the privacy game

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When we first started SurfEasy

The world was crying out for an easy-to-use, personal privacy solution

It all began with this kickstarter

Apps & websites wanted more

Consumers started to realize that their privacy was at stake as more apps & websites demanded their information

Privacy & security are important to us all

Of Americans worry about online privacy

Of those believe they are responsible for securing their privacy

Believe they have the tools & knowledge required

We believe it’s all about choice, context & control

You may willingly share a photo or post to the world—but that doesn’t mean you want to have all your online activities catalogued and sold to the highest bidder

Which is why we build powerful software to protect your online privacy

And we're really good at it!

Meet the Execs

Chris Houston


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Athir Nuaimi

Co-Founder + CTO

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Shil Sondagar

Director of Delivery

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Mark Thompson

VP of Product Marketing

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Co-Founder + CTO

Director of Delivery

VP of Product Marketing

Chris is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for product development. He has been behind some of this decade’s most innovative mobile media solutions, including Boost, Amp’d and Virgin Mobile.

In 2011, Chris shifted his focus towards a personal passion – online privacy and freedom. He founded SurfEasy with the goal of providing easy-to-use solutions for consumers to protect their online privacy. Chris has earned recognition from consumer privacy groups such as the Ontario Privacy Commission for increasing awareness and enabling online security.

When he isn’t dreaming up the next big thing, you can find Chris enjoying the great outdoors or listening to The Tragically Hip—which, coincidentally, he also is. Watch Chris in action at a TEDx Talk in Richmond Hill here.

When we managed to get Athir to sit still and stop travelling for a second, he co-founded SurfEasy and brought with him over 12 years’ experience managing software teams, driving strategic technology direction and defining technical architecture for large projects. Athir cut his teeth at both Symantec and Devfoundry Software, where he spearheaded the creation of unique solutions for a number of different markets. In his role at SurfEasy, Athir manages the development team and helps drives product innovation.

When Athir isn’t analyzing lines of code to optimize SurfEasy’s privacy solutions, he is training for his next marathon or planning a trip to some far-flung destination, which always drives our project management team nuts.

Shil joined SurfEasy to make sure we were delivering on time and building the right solutions for you. He’s a zen master of agile development strategies, and brought to SurfEasy over 13 years experience in Getting Stuff Done across a range of high-performing tech companies.

At SurfEasy, Shil leads very much by example. Because he always knows what’s going on in every facet of our company, Shil is the most serious-looking person in our whole organization. A smile from Shil means that something is going right.

Mark is all about building teams. With over a decade of experience in crafting meaningful digital experiences and building company growth with organizations like Cineplex, Bell and The Weather Network, Mark brings a crystal clear vision and an agile philosophy to SurfEasy. Which is lucky, because that’s just what we needed.

When Mark isn’t neck-deep in data, he can be found somewhere in the wilderness with his family, or at any restaurant that can promise him a vegan burger and a good local beer.

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