Online Privacy doesn’t have to be complicated.

We started SurfEasy with the goal of making online privacy accessible to everyone. Whether it’s Big Brother or Big Data – there have been billions of dollars invested in figuring out how to track, catalogue and monetize everything we do online. We believe that it’s about time someone helped even the odds. SurfEasy is here to take the most advanced data protection technology and make it beautiful and easy to use in your daily life.

Online Privacy doesn’t have to be complicated.

Privacy in the age of sharing

When we first started SurfEasy a lot of people thought we were nuts (and they may have a point). At a time when everyone is sharing their most personal moments to the world, how can we claim that anyone really cares about their online privacy? We believe it’s about choice, context and control. Willingly sharing a status post to the world does not mean I want to have all my online browsing catalogued and sold to the highest bidder. We build technology that helps you decide when and what gets shared.

SurfEasy delivers accessible solutions
The more our lives become digitized the harder it becomes for us to see when our basic rights to privacy are being violated. SurfEasy delivers accessible solutions that help put the user in the driver seat on their online privacy.

Michael Geist, SurfEasy Board Advisor (Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law)

Customer Favourite around the world

Millions of users around the world trust SurfEasy with their privacy and consistently give us top marks on the quality of our service. Whether it’s our top ranked mobile VPN applications, or our original USB Private Browser, we work hard to make protecting your online privacy easy.

SurfEasy with their privacy