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How to get around firewalls with SurfEasy VPN

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

13 June 2017

No one likes firewalls. They’re a pain in the tuchus, and they can stop you from accessing your favourite websites, apps and content when you’re in certain locations. Some workplaces have firewalls, as do some school and university networks, and even some public WiFi hotspots stop you from reaching certain parts of the web.

But how do you get around these firewalls?

As it turns out, it’s incredibly easy. No matter what net connection you’re on, you can get around firewalls in four easy steps.

Get SurfEasy VPN

Go to and sign up for an account. One account allows you to use SurfEasy on up to five devices, so you can use SurfEasy on your tablet, smartphone, laptop and home computer—and still have one device left over! Download the app on all your devices by logging into your account or by finding the app on your relevant app store. Sign in on the app and you’re ready to go.

Open SurfEasy and turn it on

If you’re at work using your laptop, or at school using your smartphone, or even on a public WiFi hotspot using your tablet, open up the SurfEasy VPN app and connect. The app will take your real IP address and hide it, meaning that your net connection won’t be able to see where you’re connecting from. Depending on which region you choose to connect to, the app will let you “borrow” an IP address from that location, meaning that your net connection will think you’re located somewhere else in the world.

Change regions

You’ll be able to slip past the offending firewall no matter which region you’re connected to, but if you flick around the regions you’ll be able to find your fastest possible connection—or we’ll do it for you if you select SurfEasy Optimized.

Browse the internet as it was meant to be: open and accessible to all

Access all the content, apps and websites that you love the most without restrictions. The internet was supposed to be free and open; let’s make sure it stays that way, no matter where you’re located or how you’re accessing the web.

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