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How to protect your search history with a VPN

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

06 January 2015

It’s not something that we often consider, but our online search history says a lot about us. Whether you use Google, Bing or another major search engine, your search history is likely to plot a fairly accurate graph of your life; if you’ve been searching for holidays in Barbados, the best car retailers in your city or even something a little more personal, like divorce lawyers or counselling services, that information could tell people a lot about who you are.

You might have been searching for information that’s even more sensitive, thinking yourself safe from prying eyes that have no business sticking their noses in your business.

Unfortunately, Google and other search engines track your search history and pin it to your IP address – and in 2014, several websites made this information public. This means that anyone who knows your IP address can look up your Google search history, if it appears on such a site.

This is an incredible invasion of privacy, made even worse by the fact that many people don’t even consider their search history vulnerable.

But how can you avoid this?

Well, it’s easy: a VPN hides your IP address while you’re online, giving you another IP address to borrow while you browse the web. This stop search engines from associating your search history with your IP address, and stops them building up a profile on you according to the information you’ve looked for.

This also stops website publishing your most searched-for items, and letting the world know what you’ve been looking for online.

Take your privacy back today with SurfEasy. We’re a no-log VPN so we don’t keep any information about you or what you do online – and now, even your financial dealings with us can be totally anonymous, as you can pay with BitCoin through BitPay.

Get started at – and keep yourself safe and secure online.

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