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Why a VPN is necessary if you work from home

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

15 September 2016

These days, more and more of the global workforce are working from home. Sure, it’s harder to concentrate when your cats / kids / partners are bothering you for attention, but there’s something about that 4-second commute from bed to desk that just can’t be beaten.

Employees chose to work from home for a number of reasons. You can make your own schedule, juggle childcare more easily and attend web meetings in your jammies if you really want to.

However, by leaving the office, you’re also abandoning all that the traditional workspace offers—including better online security.

Companies invest heavily in online security because they have a lot to lose. Though you might not realize it, in the office you’re surrounded by a fuzzy bubble of security that keeps your business…well, your business.

When you work from home, however, you step out of that bubble—and into a potentially more vulnerable space. And it’s not just you that’s got to worry—if you accidentally leave your company’s data open to hackers, your boss won’t be so happy either.

So what can you do about it?

Invest in a VPN.

SurfEasy VPN can be used on up to five devices, meaning that you can protect your home computer, your laptop, your phone and your tablet all from one account. Our bank-grade encryption keeps your information and your online activity safe and sound, and you can even use SurfEasy when torrenting, so that your sense of security never has to slip.

Add to this our ultra-fast service and the 16 different regions we have to choose from, and you’ll see why it’s the perfect choice to protect you as you work from home.

And we won’t even tell your boss that you sometimes work from your bed. Honest.

Visit today to sign up and get started—and make sure you’re always safe and secure online, no matter where you work from.

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