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Why you need a VPN as you start college

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

05 October 2016

The list of things that you need when you start college is huge: Bedsheets, a decent frying pan, and enough Advil to get you through four years of hangovers should be at the top of that list.

However, there’s something slightly less obvious that should be on your “essentials” list: A VPN.

While studying, you’ll likely be taking your laptop or tablet from cafe to library to class to cafe again, each time connecting to the free public wifi (because who the hell wants to pay for internet?). Each time you connect to a wifi hotspot, however, you make yourself vulnerable to hackers and snoops who want your information. It’s impossible to know how secure a wifi hotspot is—so the best tool you can have to keep you safe is a VPN.

You’ll also most likely be sharing files, downloading necessary programs and doing a lot of financial transactions online. This means that it’s incredibly important to ensure your information is protected, even when you’re on your home wifi or an apparently-secure university connection.

SurfEasy VPN uses bank-grade encryption to secure your connection to the internet, keeping your data safe from prying eyes and making sure what you do online is no one’s business but yours. It also means that you can use public wifi hotspots without worrying, and that you don’t have sacrifice your super high browsing speeds for the sake of security.

SurfEasy VPN also supports torrent protection, meaning that you can keep enjoying VPN security even as you torrent, without losing any of the fast upload and download speeds that you’re used to. With 16 different regions to choose from too, SurfEasy allows you to browse the web as if you’re located in those countries, freeing you up to experience the very best of the internet no matter where you are.

Okay, SurfEasy can’t do your laundry, summarize a textbook or cook you a decent meal, but it’s the most effective way to look after your online security and keep you safe online while you’re at university.

Visit today and make sure your college years are as safe and secure as they can be.

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