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Why you need a VPN now more than ever

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

14 March 2017

The last couple of years have posed some significant challenges to those who want to protect and maintain their online security and privacy.

While it’s never been that easy to protect your information online, sometimes it can feel that the situation is getting worse.

Well, unfortunately, it is.

In the first part of 2017:

We could go on. That’s not to mention the censorship that is on the rise in much of the world, with firewalls in place, websites blocked and, in the case of Cameroon, internet access in English-speaking parts of the country being shutdown completely.

Not only is your privacy and security at risk, but your access to a free, open, uncensored interet is as well.

But how does a VPN help?

SurfEasy VPN not only hides your IP address, making it impossible to track you online, but it also lets you borrow an IP address from 28 regions around the world, meaning that you can access the internet as if you were in that region.

This means that:

  • You can bypass web restrictions and censorshop, accessing websites and services that might be blocked in your area.
  • You can have the fastest possible internet connection by switching between regions.
  • You can enjoy privacy protection while you torrent while maintaining the upload and download speeds you need.
  • You can rest safe knowing that your online activities can’t be tracked, and the security of your information is in your own hands.

In addition, SurfEasy VPN does not keep any non-essential logs or information about your browsing, download or torrent history, meaning that in the event of a legal challenge, we have nothing to hand over to any agency that requests your data.

We believe in your privacy—and that includes protecting your privacy from us too.

So what for the future?

It’s likely that in the months to come, there will be more signficant challenges to your online privacy and security, with regulations rolled back, Net Neutrality undermined and data breaches now leaving you more vulnerable.

As ISPs are given more free reign to act how they want to, it’s important that you take steps to protect your privacy and your access to a free and open internet.

One SurfEasy account allows you to protect up to five devices, meaning that you can use the VPN on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and home computer and still have room for the family iPad too.

The future doesn’t look all that bright, so sign up at today, and put your privacy back into your hands.

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