What is a VPN & why do you need one?

You're being watched

ISPs and governments keep records on browsing activity associated with your IP, even if you’re on a password secured network. Whoever provides your internet has the ability to watch & control what you do.

WiFi hotspots, like those at coffee shops or libraries, expose the things you do and the websites you visit. Anyone on these unsecured networks has the ability to see your activity. Without a VPN, you could be vulnerable when making purchases, using social media, banking online or sending emails.


You're missing out

A lot of content is regionally restricted, which means you can only see websites, videos or apps available in your region. SurfEasy lets you access that content without getting on a plane and flying to another country (though you might want to do that too).

Workplace and school networks may block apps and sites like Facebook or Snapchat. Our VPN bypasses these blocks so you don't miss a thing.



VPN for beginners

No-Log Network

We don’t retain any logs related to your online, browsing or downloading activity, so even we don’t know what you’re up to.

Super Fast Speeds

With 1000+ servers in over 20 different countries, we provide you with the fastest connection as possible.

Bank-Grade Encryption

We use bank-grade encryption to ensure that your information has protection by the highest-quality encryption technology.

Tracker Blocker

Advertisers use cookies to follow you online. Our Ad Tracker Blocker algorithm blocks those cookies and stops you from being tracked online.




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