SurfEasy Private Browser

The original USB plug-in solution for private and secure browsing on any computer or network. Great for shared computers at work or in hotels, libraries and airports.

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Plug in Privacy.

Carry your own Internet privacy solution in your pocket! The SurfEasy Private Browser plugs into the USB port of any computer to fully secure your Internet connection. When you pull out the Private Browser, all search history, passwords and usernames go with you. Nothing is left behind on the computer.

Use it at work to prevent IT from monitoring personal browsing. Plug into shared computers at home or in public places like the library, Internet café or hotel.

Secured Internet

You never know just who is monitoring your activity or gaining access to your personal data on unsecured networks and public WiFi hotspots. SurfEasy is the simplest way to ensure your security on any network.

Leave No Trace

Whether you’re using a work laptop, a public computer or even a friend’s Macbook, take all your information with you when you unplug the Private Browser. With SurfEasy, personal data is never left behind on a computer for others to see.

Your Personal Web Browser

Never forget a password, username or website again! SurfEasy securely stores it all on your password-protected USB key. Bring your online life with you wherever you go. All you need to remember is one password for your key!

No recurring fees. Unlimited data protection.  $69.99


No Ordinary USB

Impossibly thin key holds sophisticated hardware designed to run encryption software.


Easy Launch

Simply insert the USB key into any computer, enter your password and you’re up and running!


On-screen Keyboard

Prevents keyloggers from stealing passwords and recording what you type.


Password Security

Password protected to keep personal information secure even if you lose the USB key.


Private Local Search

We’ll tell search engines the city you’re in so you get local results without giving up your IP address.


Free Updates

We release regular updates to support the latest browser features and security enhancements.


Password Manager

Store usernames and passwords on the USB so all you have to remember is one password for the key.


Do Not Track

Websites may track your browsing without permission. Our Do Not Track option is enabled by default.

No recurring fees. Unlimited data protection.  $69.99