Hide Your IP Address

Your IP address is used to track your computer’s connection to the Internet, and also allows websites and snoops to watch what you're doing online. We hide your IP address and lend you another so that no one can see where you are on the web..

Escape from Online Tracking

When your IP address is tracked, this means that you are being watched–and this can compromise your online activity. SurfEasy acts as an encryption tunnel between you and our server while on the web, keeping your online activity safer while hiding your IP address.

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Travel the World–from your Desk!

When SurfEasy hides your IP address, we “borrow” an IP address from the country of your choosing, so that you can choose where to tell the internet that you are.

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Get Better Deals Online

Travel sites can track your IP address so that they can increase the prices strategically and therefore pressure you into buying that flight or that hotel. By hiding your IP address, SurfEasy can help you hide from them and possibly get better deals for travel, meaning that your travel dollars will go even further!

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Hide your IP address & start protecting your Internet privacy!






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