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Uber hires its first Chief Privacy Officer

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

19 July 2018

Last year, news broke that Uber suffered a data breach that may have affected 57 million users—and the company hid this information from their customers for more than a year.

It’s no wonder, then, that the ride-hailing app has been working overtime to restore the public’s faith in their ability to look after data.

To that end, the company has just appointed its first Chief Privacy Officer, Ruby Zefo, who has previously worked as privacy and security counsel for Intel, Corp.

Zefo’s role will reportedly be to streamline and align the company’s privacy procedures and practices, many of which have been put in place since the data breach story broke in 2017. As the company is staking its reputation on the implementation of these procedures, it’s no surprise that they’re bringing in new people to ensure everything is done properly.

Alongside Zefo, Uber has also brought on its first data protection officer in the shape of Simon Hania, formerly of TomTom. Hania’s role is one that’s been made necessary by the EU’s new GDPR regulation.

Privacy advocates will be hoping that these appointments are about more than just good PR; they will be hoping that huge changes are coming to how Uber protects the privacy of its users.

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