How to Change Your IP Address in 2 simple steps

How to Change my IP Address in 2 Simple Steps

Your IP Address is a unique number that can tell websites (and anyone else who might be looking) a lot about you.  It can be used to track you online, determine your physical location, identify your internet service provider and much more.  So its not a bad idea to know how to change your IP address.

Changing your IP address is not hard.  With tools like SurfEasy VPN you can not only hide your IP address but change it to pretend to be in a different country.  SurfEasy lets you move from the US to the UK to Singapore in seconds (much better then getting on plane just to watch BBC).  Lets get started:

Step 1: Download SurfEasy

If you don’t already have an account with SurfEasy you can create an account here. A download link is instantly provided after creating your account. Downloading and installing the application only takes a few seconds.  You can set up SurfEasy to work on your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device – in fact SurfEasy’s Free VPN account lets you add any 5 devices to your account for free.

Step 2:  Turn it On and Change Regions

Select the region you want to change your IP address to
Changing your IP address is simple, just 2 easy steps!

With SurfEasy installed on your computer, tablet or phone all you really need to do is turn it one and if you’d like change your region.  By default SurfEasy will connect you to the nearest location to ensure the fastest data connection possible.  But don’t be afraid to travel around the world.  Switching regions is simple and free.  Just select the country you want from inside the SurfEasy application to change your ip address to that region.  Its a little different depending on what device you’re using, if you get stuck here are links to instructions on how to switch regions for each application:

Thats it!!  How simple was that?   Now what can you do?  Well here’s some fun things to try out:

  • Be a global traveler.  Change your region and check in on Facebook in Singapore or Brazil – keep your friends guessing.  (Be sure to turn off your phone or browsers location sharing – they can use your devices GPS or nearby WiFi locations to send your location even with your IP Address blocked).

Have fun!