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How to protect yourself from the Snooper’s Charter

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

06 December 2016

In last week’s blog, we wrote about the UK’s terrifying new surveillance law, and how this law undermines online privacy for citizens of the UK (and those visiting the country too).

In the last few days, the Investigatory Powers Bill passed royal assent, meaning that the Queen has allowed the bill to pass and it has now gone into effect as UK law.

This means that British intelligence agencies currently hold the “most extreme spying powers ever seen”, according to privacy campaigners.

The new law, also known as The Snooper’s Charter, gives British security services the power to hack into computers, networks, mobile devices and servers, and allows them to force companies to remove encryption from their devices on demand. It also forces companies to disclose to the government new security features on their products before the product’s launch.

However, the most terrifying part of the new law states that communications service providers, which includes everything from ISPs to postal services, are now required, by law, to store meta data about the communications made their services—for 12 months at least.

This means that, if you’re reading this in the UK, your internet service provider is now legally forced to store the information that you read this article, on this website, on this date and at this time, from whatever IP address you’re browsing from.

Every single website is now forced, by law, to do this. And the information can be accessed security services and police forces.

But what can you do to protect yourself?

It’s been reported in the media that VPNs can be used by UK citizens to protect them from this draconian new law, but in truth, a VPN’s ability to protect you depends entirely on which VPN you choose. UK-based VPN service providers could still be subject to the new laws, and any VPN that stores information about its users’ browsing history is already on shaky ground when it comes to maintaining the privacy of its users.

As a no-log VPN that is based outside of the UK, then, SurfEasy is best-placed to help UK citizens protect their privacy online.

The new law works by tracking the IP address that you’re browsing from. SurfEasy VPN protects your IP address from being tracked by connecting you to its own secure network and encrypting your connection to the web, keeping your IP address hidden and letting you “borrow” an IP address from one of 25 different regions, including the UK. As well as allowing you to browse the web as if you’re in that region, it also means that your IP address cannot be tracked.

In addition, SurfEasy VPN does not keep logs relating to your browsing or download history, so we have no information to hand over to authorities.

A trustworthy, no-log VPN has long been a positive tool for privacy protection. Now, for users in the UK, it’s essential.

Visit today to take back your privacy.


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