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How to train your grandma to use a VPN

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

19 April 2016

We all know that grandparents, and even parents, can be a bit of a nightmare when they get online.

The older they are, the more strange they find the new technologies in front of them. They don’t know how to work a webcam, they still text ALL IN CAPS, and they think a SnapChat is a really brief conversation.

However, this doesn’t mean that Grandma shouldn’t enjoy the same level of online security that you do. In fact, she probably needs it more. If she’s buying you presents on Amazon and ordering food deliveries online, her financial information and personal data will be at risk from hackers and snoops, and as a good and dutiful grandchild, it’s your responsibility to make sure her privacy is protected.

But don’t worry. It’s easier than you think.

With SurfEasy VPN, security yourself online is as easy as a couple of taps on a mouse. Our icon stands out, meaning that even Grandma can’t miss it. Teach her to check for the blue shield every time she starts up her computer, and soon she’ll be browsing with a clear mind (and a hidden IP address).

As well as installing SurfEasy VPN on her computer and (if she’s one of those fancy grandmas) her tablet, you can also set up Auto Wi-Fi Security on her Android device, meaning that whenever she connects to a wi-fi hotspot, SurfEasy will automatically protect her connection. Her data will be safe and secure even if she doesn’t take her phone out of her handbag.

We believe that online security isn’t just for techies, and isn’t just for the young. Online security for all is important to use, and that’s why we’ve made SurfEasy VPN so easy to use on any device. Even if you’re a grandma.

Get you and Grandma both started today at

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