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Why is it important to protect your IP address?

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

01 April 2016

One of the many benefits of using a VPN provider is that it hides your IP address – and, in the case of VPNs with multiple regions to choose from, it allows you to “borrow” another IP address from a different country.

But why is this so important? What does your IP address do?

**What is an IP address?


An IP (Internet Protocol) address allows your computer to connect with others over the internet. The IP address allows the web to find your device amongst the billions of others connected to it, in much the same way that your street address allows the postman to find your house. A static IP address can allow someone to pinpoint your physical location almost exactly, which obviously poses a risk for your security.

However, this means that it’s easy for websites and others to track you online. Websites often keep a track of the IP addresses of users that have visited their site, allowing them to build up a history of your interaction with them. Travel websites do this especially, and sometimes artificially inflate their prices if they see that you’re searching over and over again for the same journey, in the hopes that this will panic you into buying.

Of course, it also means that hackers and snoops can also track what you’re doing online. If someone can see your IP address, they can watch and log your internet activity and see exactly what you’re up to.

You can easily find out what your IP address is by simply Googling “IP address”. It’ll show you yours.

Why is it so important to hide your IP address? 

By hiding your IP address, you’re making it harder to people to track you online – and you’re making it so that websites can’t log your visits. You’ll get better deals on tickets and travel journeys as websites won’t be able to know that you’re checking again and again, and you’ll regain your anonymity while you browse the web.

With a VPN that has different regions, like SurfEasy, you can also choose which country you’d like to “borrow” an IP address from. This allows you to bypass any restrictions that might be in place in your country. For example, if social media services like Facebook or Twitter are banned, or have been temporarily banned, you can still access them by borrowing an IP address from a different region.

Most importantly, though, hiding your IP address hides your physical location, stops you being tracked online and brings the anonymity back to browsing the internet. With SurfEasy VPN, you can surf the web safe in the knowledge that you’re browsing securely – and also that your personal information is protected by the ultra fast VPN you can trust.

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