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iOS 10 and your online security: What's new?

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

19 August 2016

It’s almost time. iOS 10 is due to be released in a matter of days, and the hype around their landmark double-digit software version is pretty huge. But what do the privacy-conscious amongst us have to look forward to?

Differential privacy

In the wake of Apple’s fight with the FBI, they’ve ramped up their dedication to user safety in a big way. In order to offer advanced security to their users while still allowing for the sort of UX that people have come to expect from, them, Apple is investing in what they’re calling Differential Privacy.

Using a number of techniques such as hashing, subsampling and noise injection, Apple aim to more accurately query statistical databases while avoiding the specific identification of users. The success of this method will obviously become clearer over the next months, but it’s at the very least a commendable thing to be investing in.

End-to-end encryption in default apps

Apple is continuing to offer end-to-end encryption in apps like Facetime, Messenger and Homekit, which goes some way to protecting you while you’re using these apps.

Security recommendation

One of the most significant new things in terms of user education, however, is their “security recommendation”:

When you attempt to connect to a WiFi network that is unsecured, iOS 10 lets you know about it. In fact, it gives you a security recommendation, which looks like this when you click through:

This is a major step in bringing a greater understanding of security threats to the masses. Most open WiFi hotspots pose a real threat to security, but most people still don’t know this. To have this information right there where you can see it will be a huge boost for the greater understanding of this issue.

Let’s take that in for a moment: Now, even Apple themselves recommend protecting yourself against the dangers of unsecured networks.

VPN apps like SurfEasy are quick and easy to download and use, and protect you from nefarious others who might take advantage of your vulnerability when you’re on unsecured networks. By creating an encrypted tunnel between you and the web, SurfEasy VPN wraps all your data up in a protective bubble and delivers it to where it needs to be. No need to worry about unsecured networks, as you’re always safe and secure.

Whether you’ve already upgraded to iOS 10 or not, you can download SurfEasy from your relevant app store (iOS, Android) and get started today. Visit for more information and to sign up!

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