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Personal data of 1.5 million patients stolen in Singapore's worst ever cyber attack

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

24 July 2018

Last week, news broke of Singapore’s worst ever cyber attack—and the organization affected was in the medical industry.

The Straits Times reported on Friday that hackers had stolen the personal information of 1.5 million SingHealth patients, and the outpatient prescriptions of 160,000 of those patients. These included government ministers, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

SingHealth, the largest group of healthcare facilities in Singapore, was the target of the attack. Individuals who had attented outpatient clinics between May 1, 2015 and to July 4, 2018 were those whose information was stolen.

Singapore authorities said at a press conference that hackets “specifically and repeatedly targeted” Prime Minister Lee’s personal information.

However, the data stolen did not appear to be of a medical nature, instead comprising patient names, IC numbers, addresses, gender, race and dates of birth.

SingHealth is said to be contacting all patients affected to inform their of the data breach. Patients will receive an SMS message if their information has been stolen.

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