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Privacy by Design: SurfEasy partners with BitPay to accept bitcoin

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

23 October 2014

We are thrilled to announce that SurfEasy is teaming up with the largest global bitcoin payment service provider, BitPay, so that SurfEasy customers can now pay for our no-log VPN service with bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

SurfEasy is, first and foremost, a privacy company; our goal is to make the internet a safer place for our users and to protect their right to privacy – even from us.

As a no-log VPN, we don’t keep any personal information about our customers or what they do online. We don’t store their browsing or download histories and we certainly don’t build up data on those who use our services.

In short: We believe in privacy by design, not by trust.

The logical (and exciting) extension of our value-based method is now coming to life. By teaming up with BitPay, we will be able to accept bitcoin payments, which, unlike traditional online payment methods, allow total privacy for the user.

Our users have asked for bitcoin capability, and so we have answered. Anonymizing the customer payment relationship lets us move privacy a few more steps away from Trust and a few more steps towards Design. With BitPay our customers don’t need to disclose their identity to us to use our premium service.

As well as being one of the most trusted bitcoin payment providers, BitPay also ensures fast speeds and reliable service, meaning that our customers will enjoy nothing but the best.

As passionate privacy advocates, we only work with companies whose credentials we truly trust. BitPay’s vision for a service that protects the rights and information of users aligns perfectly with ours, and we are excited to strengthen our service with theirs.

“Because bitcoin transactions don’t transmit vulnerable information, bitcoin is able to protect users from fraudulent charges and identity theft. This feature is not only valuable for the consumer, but companies like SurfEasy which value the protection of their customer’s privacy” said Stephanie Wargo, VP of Marketing, BitPay.

SurfEasy VPN protects your online privacy, unblocks websites and applications, protects your security on Wi-Fi hotspots, prevents ad tracking, and encrypts all of the data in and out of your device with one easy to use application. Now with bitcoin payment through BitPay to ensure that your security is always in your hands.

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