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What happens if someone steals my data online?

Heather Parry

By Heather Parry

30 May 2014

Here at SurfEasy we talk a lot about the need to keep your personal information safe and secure online. Our Private Browser and VPN are built to keep you secured on the internet – but what’s the big deal? What can really happen if someone steals your information online?

They can spend all your money

This is something that we all dread. We do so much banking online these days that keeping our financial information safe should be a priority. If someone manages to steal this information from you, they can drain your bank accounts (quickly), drain your credit and debit cards, and quickly deposit all of your money into their accounts in no time at all. All your savings, all your money: gone.

They can put the safety of you and your family at risk

We share so much information online, and sometimes the sources on which we share them aren’t as secure as we might like. As well as financial information, we regularly share our addresses, phone numbers, drivers license numbers, passport numbers, PO box addresses and school and university details too. If someone was able to access all this information at once, it would put the physical safety of you and your family at risk – because who knows what someone will do with that data?

They can kill your credit rating

You might have been building up a great credit rating ever since you were old enough to open a bank account, but hackers will take that great rating and kill it in a moment. When someone has your bank account and credit card details, the damage they can do to your financial state is incredible.

They can know everything about you and what you do

Even if it isn’t hackers that are trying to access your information, are you really happy with anyone else knowing what you do, where you go, how many kids you have and what job you do? Whether it’s governmental agencies, random internet strangers or people out to do you harm, your privacy should be protected and your safety should be ensured.

All these reasons and many more mean that your personal information should be protected online. Download SurfEasy today to start looking after yourself and your family.

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