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SurfEasy VPN for your Android device

Whether you have an Android phone or a tablet, you most likely use it for almost everything you can do online; browsing, banking, booking tickets, social media and so much more. This can leave you at risk, but don’t worry! SurfEasy encrypts all Internet traffic coming in and out of your device to protect your online privacy and security.

Protect your Android device and surf on your phone or tablet with ease, and without data limits1! SurfEasy VPN is also compatible with iOS, Mac and Windows.

Privacy and Security at your Fingertips

Our bank-grade encryption technology hides your online Android activity and the personal information you send or receive online, from hackers, network monitoring tools and Internet service providers. Encrypt web browsing, emails, messaging, online shopping purchases, Android apps and more with SurfEasy VPN for Android.

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Take Back your Online Freedom

Connect to SurfEasy’s private network locations to surf the web as if you were at home. The SurfEasy “Optimized” setting automatically connects you to our fastest server based on your location. Browse from Canada, United States, Brazil, Germany, Singapore and United Kingdom.

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1: Our plans have no data limits, meaning you never have to worry about monthly VPN usage limits.

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