Your Internet. Your Privacy.

SurfEasy encrypts all Internet traffic on your smartphone, tablet and computer to protect your online privacy and security. We give you the tools you need to surf the web safely, securely and the way it was meant to be – without limits and restrictions.  Just ask our users in over 80 countries.


Wi-Fi Security

Bank-grade encryption secures your Internet connection on Wi-Fi hotspots and unsecured networks.


Identity Protection

Your IP address is shielded from websites so you can browse anonymously and avoid being tracked.


Privacy Protection

Everything you do online is hidden from hackers, snoops and anyone monitoring the network.


Online Freedom

Appear to be in a different country to bypass firewalls and access blocked websites and content like US Netflix and BBC iPlayer.


Enterprise-grade Security Made Easy.

Get the same level of online data protection used by governments and companies - without an IT department.

 gauge  No Data Limits

Total and Mobile VPN plans include unlimited data protection. Surf and stream without limits!

bolt Lightning Fast

Our private network is managed 24/7 and designed for speed and reliability.  

question Friendly Support

We're here to help by phone, email and live chat. Check out our support pages.

privacyicon  No-log Network

We manage a no-log network. We never keep information about what you do online.

tag  Earn Free Data

Refer friends and we'll add data to your Starter VPN plan. The more you refer, the more you earn!

global Free Region Switching

Switching regions is easy and free - just tap to select the country you want to connect to!

cloud  Global Private Network

Connect to our network of servers, including locations in the USA, UK, Singapore and Brazil.

rocket  Unblock Content

Access blocked websites and content and bypass firewalls to take back your online freedom!

lock  Bank-grade Encryption

The same encryption technology trusted by banks protects your online identity.




SurfEasy Protection For Every Device

 SurfEasy is the only VPN that works on every device and every network. That includes public computers and those that block software installations, like your office PC.

Whatever your choice for surfing the web, SurfEasy is there to make browsing private and secure.






 What our customers are saying

star  I'm Hooked! 

"The ability to watch American Netflix had me hooked, but the peace of mind when using public Wi-Fi is what sealed the deal. Keep it up SurfEasy!"  -Anonymous User


star  A Breath of Fresh Air 

"I have recently begun to understand how vulnerable I am online. A friend  recommended SurfEasy. Wow - What a difference! It's easy to set up, and no more stress about online privacy!"  -Anonymous User


star  Perfect for Travelling 

“I frequently travel for conferences and often use the hotel's public Wi-Fi. Convenient but not safe, so I was very happy to discover SurfEasy. I installed it on my laptop, iPad, and Android phone. It works great! Now I won't be concerned about using my devices on public Wi-Fi.”   -Anonymous User


Get Started With The Free Starter VPN

 We start you off with 500MB/month on the Starter VPN plan, with plenty of opportunities to earn more by referring friends and other simple tasks! Still not enough? Upgrade at any time to unlimited data on our Mobile and Total VPN plans through your SurfEasy account dashboard.

Mobile VPN

$2.99per month
  • or $29.99/year (SAVE 17%)
  • One Smartphone or Tablet
  • Android | iOS
  • Unlimited data protection
  • For unlimited data protection when connecting to Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet
  • Upgrade from Starter VPN to Mobile VPN at any time through your account dashboard
  • Starter VPN

  • This one is on the house!
  • Any Five Devices
  • Android | iOS | Windows | Mac
  • Start with 500MB/ month of protection,
    shared between five devices
  • For email, light web surfing and streaming
  • Total VPN

    $4.99per month
  • or $49.99/year (SAVE 17%)
  • Any Five Devices
  • Android | iOS | Windows | Mac
  • Unlimited data protection
  • For unlimited secure access to your favorite content and downloads on every device
  • Upgrade from Starter VPN to Total VPN at any time through your account dashboard
  • All amounts shown are in US dollars.


    SurfEasy Protection On The Go

     Do you work at an office where you can’t install software but still want to protect your personal privacy?  Or maybe you use shared computers while traveling or studying? SurfEasy’s Private Browser is a powerful USB solution that lets you browse privately on any computer.    Learn More