Protect your privacy
& unblock the internet.

Encrypt online activity, unblock websites and applications, prevent ad tracking & more.



Protect your privacy &
unblock the internet.

Encrypt online activity, unblock websites and applications, prevent ad tracking & more.




Surf safely – on any network, with any device, at any location

With simple, easy-to-use apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and add-ons for your favourite browsers, our no-log VPN lets you choose from over a dozen regions to unblock content and secure your online activity.

WiFi Security

Secure unsafe networks with bank-grade encyption.

Identity Protection

Browse anonymously and avoid being tracked.

Privacy Protection

Prevent others from knowing what you do online.

Online Freedom

Bypass firewalls and access blocked content.

No one should be watching
what you do online—not even us

That’s why SurfEasy is a no-log network, meaning we don’t keep a record of any information about you, your online activity or your download history on our servers.


Surf From Anywhere

Pick a region and we’ll make it seem as if you’re browsing from that country, unblocking geo-restricted content and keeping you extra safe.

We have servers in 13 different locations around the world. With just the click of a button you can switch between any of them as often as you like.


We’re part of Opera – a software company, trusted by over 350 million users for more than 20 years.

Ad Tracker Removal

Every time you see an ad online, your online activity is being tracked. This information enables companies to advertise to you at the cost of your privacy.

But don’t fret – we’ve got you covered!

With Ad Tracker blocking on SurfEasy VPN, you can keep cookies enabled without concern. Our servers intercept the cookie at the HTTP level and remove your identifying information so you can browse the unrestricted web without always being followed.

Ad tracker blocking is a premium feature, and only available on our Total and Mobile VPN plans.


Physical Protection

Do you work at an office where you can’t install software? Or maybe you use shared computers while travelling or studying? SurfEasy’s Private Browser is a powerful USB solution that lets you browse privately on any computer.

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Protect all your devices


SurfEasy is the only VPN that works on every device and every network. That includes phones, tablets, public computers and devices that block software installations, like your office PC. However you surf the web, let SurfEasy protect you.


Ad Blocker by SurfEasy

Tired of being followed around the web? Hate seeing ads? We feel the same. That’s why we created Ad Blocker for Safari to stop online tracking and block ads on any iOS 9 device.

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